Every problem is an opportunity

Calling all builders.

If you have ever built something new, you know the learning process along the way was exciting. Often though, after the excitement of delivery is over, you may have already moved on to your next chapter.

I use this platform to share some of the exciting things I have learned while building software. I have tried to keep the examples to point, and specially tried to keep it industrial. Several sites exist where new technology solution for greenfield projects are already discussed, my intent is to explore things once they already have a footprint big enough to affect existing software.



My language of choice

I am primarily a Java developer. Started working on it in 2010. Before that I used to look at COBOL programs to make a living. Explore this collection for the latest I have worked on Java.


Software Engineering

What you don't know can hurt you

Several times on a project, you may have run into a fire, and then may have had to either improve an existing process or create one if it did not exist. This collection explores learnings on projects when proposing or adopting new technologies.


Java. Spring. AWS. React. GraphQL.

What will "you" build next?